Origin & History of MP

 Origin of Madhya Pradesh 

The ancient Vedas record the marriage of king Dashrath of Uttar Kosal, father of Lord Rama of the epic Ramayana, with the princess of Dakshin kosal (a part of modern Madhya Pradesh). It is believed that Lord Rama & Sita spent a major part of their 14 years exile in Chitrakoot located in the Dandaka forest area, north of the Vindhyas. Archeological explorations & excavations provide a glimpse of the ancient period from the earliest times to about the 13th century AD.
The finds speak of a developed ancient civilization & reflect the glorious & chequered history of its rulers & warriors & a rich cultural past. Historically known as Malwa, Madhya Pradesh – the second-largest centrally located state in India is called the very heart of India.

History of Madhya Pradesh 

The state of Madhya Pradesh has been ruled by many famous empires of India. Dynasties like that of Sungas, Andhras, Satavahanas, Ksaptrapas, Nagas and the Guptas ruled over this place. It was also governed by the Mughals and later by the Britishers. In earlier times, the influence of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam is still evident in the historical places here.
The history of Madhya Pradesh goes back to the time of King Ashoka, the great Mauryan ruler. A major portion of Central India was part of the Gupta Empire (300-550 AD). In the first half of the seventh century, it was part of the domains of famous emperor Harsha. Then in the early eleventh century, Muslim rulers entered central India. First Mahmud of Ghazni & then Mohammad Gori incorporated certain parts with the Sultanate of Delhi.
It also formed part of the Mughal empire with the rise of Maratha’s. Till the death of Madhoji Scindia in 1794, Marathas ruled supreme in Central India, but after that independent & smaller states came into being. The disintegrated smaller states paved the way for British suzerainty. Some great women rulers like Rani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore, Gond queen Rani Kamla Devi & Rani Durgawati have carved a nick for them in history.
Under British rule, it was declared as the central province. But when India became independent in 1947, under the provision of the state reorganization act of 1956, Madhya Pradesh was given the status of a state on 1st November 1956.


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